ATP Cable Plough

ATP (Aneurin Thomas Ploughing) was founded in the 1960's as an agricultural and drainage contractor. Today the company is managed by son Jason Thomas and specialises in Cable Ploughing.

Since founding of the company, the dynamic needs of the market place have enabled the diversification of ATP. The company still retains its valued legacy of quality installation with safety at its heart, however today ATP is seen as a multi functional contractor.

In the last 17 years the company has specialised in Wind farm and infrastructure projects using the latest equipment and technology from around the world which has become the main stay of the core business. The equipment together with the modern cable installation methods enables ATP to offer a complete service for small to medium sized projects.

ATP's highly skilled work force successfully operate the equipment leading to fast and efficient laying of cable, pipes and fibre optics with minimal ground damage. The cable mole techniques used by ATP enable the installation of cable across many areas where traditional trenching is not possible, this can include Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), peat and areas not accessible to large plant, ATP call this technique “Trench-less Technology”.

ATP's innovative Trench-less Technology can be used across a number of industry sectors:

  • Electricity (LV, MV, HV, EHV and DC EHV) and ducts
  • Telecommunications (Fibre optic, copper)
  • Gas pipes (HDPE)
  • Water and sewage pipes (HDPE)

Aneurin Thomas Ploughing is one of the UKs most experienced mole / cable plowing companys. We offer the most efficient cable / pipe installation services and are now working within Europe and Worldwide.