European Utility Ploughing Specialists

ATP (Aneurin Thomas Ploughing) is a ploughing contractor of all gas, water, electricity and fibre optic, focused on selected home markets in the UK & Europe.

ATP is a cable, duct and pipeline installation contractor via trenchless technology using a plough system. Since founding of the company, the dynamic needs of the market place have enabled the diversification of ATP. The company still retains its valued legacy of quality, with safety at its heart.

Short facts:
  • Founded: 1968
  • Geographic markets in: UK, Europe & North America
  • Operations: Construction and installation of utilities via trenchless technologies
  • Employees: Seventeen
  • Managing Director: Jason Thomas

ATP Purpose

The ATP Purpose – to build a robust and quality network for our suppliers and expect our staff & supply chain to support us in achieving ‘best value for money’ for our customers. We want to choose the optimum combination of whole life costs and benefits considering the environmental, social and economic impact of activities through design, material selection, manufacture, transportation, construction, usage and disposal.

ATP provides innovative and sustainable solutions to create a sustainable future for its staff, customers and communities. This is reinforced by a continued commitment to Safety, Ethics, Community Investment as well as Diversity and Inclusion. All topics relate to our core business and expertise, and have an impact on our surroundings.


ATP Values

Values serve as a moral foundation for the company. Clearly articulated values are proactive and aspirational, and guard and continue to build ATPs culture – a culture that is vital to the Business continued success.

Our ATP values are:

Care for Life

Care for Life is how ATP is accountable to future generations through safe and environmentally responsible actions. One way ATP is improving at this is through increased collaboration between projects and a multitude of clients.

For example, ATP have assisted establish a structure to share best practices and coordinate safety activities. As part of this development and learning has further helping to eliminate injuries and support health and well-being.

ATP Values

Act Ethically and Transparently

ATP does business with a high degree of integrity and transparency. To support this, in 2017 ATP launched a new Code of Conduct and its first Supplier Code of Conduct. Together, these set the ethical direction for employees and external suppliers.

The new Code of Conduct has many examples, providing employees with hands-on guidance for living ATPs values every day.

Be Better – Together

ATP strives to be better in all it does, and important to this are collaborations both inside and outside the Business. An example is working on projects at tender stage to provide safe and environmentally friendly solutions to installation with a reduction in cost to traditional methods of install.

Commit to Customers

ATP are committed to delivering superior customer service that meets the needs of our clients and their customers in a consistent manner unsuppressed in professionalism, politeness and promptness.

Selfless: We will be attentive to customer requests, regardless of other priorities. We will demonstrate our abilities through our appearance, conduct, conversation and results.

Ethical: We will act with integrity and a sense of duty and obligation to our customers and will always be accountable for our actions.

Respectful: We will treat our customers as we wish to be treated and ensure that every interaction is conducted in a pleasant and professional manner.

Versatile: We will be resourceful and capable of performing a variety of tasks in order to get the job done, regardless of our job description.

Innovative: We will identify ways to continuously improve our processes and policies to meet the ever-changing needs of the community and our customers. We will welcome customer feedback as a means to improve the services we provide.

Communication: We will actively listen to our customers and respond in a clear and concise manner. We will communicate through available resources, providing accurate information in a manner that is easy to understand.

Encouraging: We will support employee creativity and teamwork to promote an open and collaborative work environment that encourages employees to excel in every aspect of their job - including customer service.


Jason Thomas
(+44) 07969 225476
(Managing Director)

Ben James
(+44) 07557 516273
(Operations Manager)