European Utility Ploughing Specialists

The equipment we use together with our highly skilled teams to operate the equipment leads to fast, efficient laying of cables and more importantly minimal ground damage. The pictures below follow are past projects within the utilities industry, our main cable laying is for wind turbines all over the UK.

Latest Work


Previous Work


Date Project Voltage Length Location Type Client
Jun 2018 Undergrounding for Hinkley Point 11kV &33kV 4000 Metres Tarnock Ploughed WPD / Kier
Jun 2018 11kV Undergrounding  11kV 1000 Metres The Ridings Ploughed SSEN
Jun 2018 132kV Llanelli - Cable Fault Resteration 132kV 60 Metres Fault Works Open Trench WPD / Balfour Beatty
Apr-18 160mm Trifoil Duct with 32mm comms duct 132kV 33000 Metres MYG Ploughed WPD
Mar-18 110mm Trifoil Duct with 32mm comms duct 33kV 120000 Metres MYG Ploughed Farrens
Feb-18 Undergrounding for Hinkley Point 11kV &33kV 7500 Metres Sandford Ploughed WPD / Kier
Jan-18 New Connection 20kV 3000 Metres Netherlands Ploughed A-Hak
March 2017 - Nov 2017 Underground for new OHL route wind farm connection 11kV &33kV 14500 Metres Carmarthen Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
March 2017 - Nov 2017 Windfarm Connection 132kV Duct installation single circuit. 132kV 3200 Metres Brechfa Windfarm Open Trench WPD / BBUSL
Mar-17 AONB 11kV 3700 Metres Slough Ploughed SSE PD
Apr-17 AONB 11k 3200 Metres Petersfield Stage 2 Ploughed SSE PD
March 2017 - Dec 2017  Undergrounding of 11kV OHL to allow 132kV OHL New Build 11kV 4000 Metres Brechfa Windfarm Connection Open Trench WPD / BBUSL
Oct-16 Installation of new connection from Tenby Solar farm to WPD Transfomer pole. 11kV 2700 Metres Solar Farm Connection - Tenby Open Trench WPD / BBUSL
Oct / Nov 2017 33kV Network Upgarde - Undergrounding of OHL Route 33kV 10000 Metres Shripney  Ploughed JSM / SSEN
Sep-17 33kV ANOB Undergrounding 33kV 3200 Metres Monkton Ploughed SSEN
Sep-17 11kV New Connection 11kV 725 Metres Kings Hill Ploughed SSEN
Dec-17 33kV Single Circuit Networks Upgrade 33kV 2300 Metres Latteridge Road - Bristol Ploughed WPD / Morgan Sindall
Dec-17 11kV New Connection - ANOB 11kV 1600 Metres MOD Bordon Ploughed SSEN
Jul-14 SSSI inclusive of stream and multiple hedge crossings. 11kV 2800 Metres Porlock Saltmarsh scheme Ploughed Western power / BBUSL
Jul-14 Overlay plus hedge crossings 33kV 900 Metres Carmarthen - Wind turbine x 36 Ploughed Western power / BBUSL
2014 / 2015 Connection to windfarm including steep bank / mountainside dual circuit 132 kV 132kV 3600 Metres New windfarm connection - Pen Y Cymoedd Open Trench BBUSL / ABB
Aug-14 New turbine connection 11kV 900 Metres Canarth Ploughed Western power
Mar-15 Tidal area installation 11kV & Water Main 3700 Metres Spurn Point Ploughed Interserve / NPG
Oct-14 Grid Connection 11kV 1000 Metres Pentre Mawr Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Mar-15 Grid Connection 33kV 3700 Metres Haverford West Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Apr-15 Overlay plus hedge crossings 33kV 1550 Metres Whitland Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Summer 2015 Export cable to Jersey  120kV 600 Metres Normandy Ploughed EDF / GPC
Summer 2015 Beach landing from Normandy 120kV 300 Metres Jersey Ploughed EDF / GPC
Oct-13 Pendine MOD CAMP Fibre 1700 Metres Pendine Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Sep-14 Overlay plus hedge crossings 11kV 1500 Metres Blaun Waun Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Apr-15 Private section of turbine connection 11kV 1000 Metres Pentre Mawr Ploughed RH Howels
Jan-16 Overlay 11kV 500 Metres Megan Wells Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Dec-13 Pendine MOD CAMP Fibre 1300 Metres Pendine Phase 2 Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Summer 2013 Windfarm Phase 1 33kV 4000 Metres Mynydd y Bwlfa Ploughed Powersystems
Summer 2014 Llandysul Diversion 11kV 400 Metres Llandysul Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Autum 2013 Windfarm phase 2 33kV 3900 Metres Mynydd y Bwlfa Ploughed Powersystems
Autum 2015 Grid Connection including hedge and road crossings 11kV 1800 Metres St Florence Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Mar-16 Grid connection 11kV 500 Metres Trevogan Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Jan-14 AONB strawberry line cycle path 11kV 5000 Metres Yatton Ploughed WPD / Kier
Nov-14 Grid 11kV 400 Metres Sarnau Trelec Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Summer 2016 Whitland diversion 11kV 350 Metres Whitland Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Mar-15 AONB  11kV 650 Metres Petersfield Ploughed SSE Enterprise
Apr-16 Grid Connection including hedge and road crossings 33kV 1300 Metres Haverford West Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Dec-16 Grid connection 11kV 550 Metres Llandeilo Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Apr-15 Grid connection 11kV 350 Metres Narberth Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Summer 2016 Grid connection 11kV 330 Metres Blaun Waun Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Jan-17 Turbine connection 11kV 500 Metres Cwrt Newydd Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
May-15 Grid connection 33kV  18000 Metres Ness of Quoys Ploughed SSE Enterprise
Mar-15 Kingsburn conection 33kV 9264 Metres Stirling Ploughed SSE Enterprise
Jan-15 Turbine connection 33kV 2341 Metres PYC Windfarm Ploughed Balfour Beatty Civils
Nov-15 Windfarm 33kV 6605 Metres Moy Windfam Ploughed SSE Enterprise
Nov-15 Grid connection 33kV 1050 Metres Tenby Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Mar-16 Cairgormes connection 33kV 5809 Metres Aviemore Ploughed SSE Enterprise
Nov-15 Turbine connection 11 & 33kV 1500 Metres West Wales Ploughed Folly farm
Summer 2015 Grid connection 11kV 680 Metres Lampeter Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Nov-15 Grid connection 11kV 2560 Metres Salem Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Dec-15 MOD trainig camp installation Fibre 10000 Metres Sennybridge Ploughed ISS ltd
Jan-16 AONB 11kV 430 Metres Buckland Rings Ploughed SSE PD
Jan-16 AONB 11kV 870 Metres Southamton Ploughed SSE PD
Nov-14 Grid Connection 11kV 511 Metres Oakwood Park Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Summer 2016 Wind Turbine 11kV 2000 Metres St clears Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Spring 2015 Wind Farm connection 11kV 1800 Metres Gilfach Ploughed WPD / Greencat Energy
Feb-16 Clyde Windfarm 33kV 42000 Metres Clyde Ploughed SSE Enterprise
Jan-16 Grid Connection 11kV 300 Metres Cardigan Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
Feb / April 2016 Undergrounding of existing 11kV & 33kV circuits below existing 132kV Circuits "C Route" 11 & 33kV 1700 Metres Amanford - Undergrounding Open Trench WPD / BBUSL
Mar-15 Grid Connection at Amanford 11kV 460 Metres Ty Groes West Wales Ploughed WPD
May - August 2016 AONB 11kV 2849 Metres Tichborne Ploughed SSE PD
May - August 2016 new connection 11kV 800 Metres Church crookham Ploughed SSE PD
May - August 2016 AONB 11kV 1430 Metres Petersfield Ploughed SSE PD
May - August 2016 AONB 11kV 1487 Metres EAST MEON Ploughed SSE PD
May - August 2016 New Connection 11kV 1400 Metres OXFORD Ploughed SSE PD
Sep-15 New Connection 11kV 2300 Metres Pengallt Ploughed WPD / New Generation Bio
Summer 2015 Grid 11kV 400 Metres Llangadog Ploughed WPD / BBUSL
May - August 2016 AONB 11kV 2082 Metres Turville Ploughed SSE PD
Sep-16 Diversion works 66kV 1800 Metres Cheltenham Ploughed Morgan Sindall / WPD
Sep-16 AONB 11kV 928 Metres Tichborne Stage 2 Ploughed SSE Enterprise
2015 strawberry line yatton 11kv     Keir. / WPD
2014 Darby 33kv     Morgan sinddol /wpd
2014 Trevone Carmarthen   11kv     Balfour Beatty /wpd
2014 St Florence haverford west. 11kv     Balfour /Beatty /wpd
2014 Bridge water 11kv     Keir.  / wpd
2014 Bailiwick jersey. 132kv     GPC/ prysmain
2014 Mynydd bwfad. 33kv     Power systems. /Walters
2014 Blauan Wayne 11kv     Balfour Beatty /wpd
2014 Avon mouth   Bristol. 11kv     Keir  /wpd
2014 Spurn point Humber gate. 11kv     Npg / interserve
2014 Normandy france. 132kv     GPC. / prysmain
2014 Pen y comoedd 132kv     Balfour Beatty /wpd
2014 PV park whiteland. 33kv     Balfour Beatty /wpd
2014 burton woods. 33kv     Morgan sinddol/wpd
2013 Dalbol Lakes - Dartmoor 11kv     Balfour Beatty / WPD
2013 Gym Wind Farm - 4th phase 132kv     GPC
2013 Wilton  Devon 33kv 4.5km     Balfour Beatty / WPD
2013 Gym Wind Farm - 3rd phase 132kv     GPC
2013 Triscome Devon 33kv 2.7km     Balfour Beatty / WPD
2013 Gym Wind Farm - 2nd phase 132kv     GPC
2013 Maerdy grid connection 33kv 1.8 km     Balfour Beatty / WPD
2013 Carlisle Over Lay 33kv 7.4 km     murphys/ northen power
2013 Maerdy Wind Farm 33kv 6.7 km     blackwell/ power systems
2013 Goolefeilds Connection 33kv 1km     Interserve
2012 Gym Wind Farm - 1st phase 132kv     GPC
2012 Alltwalis Wind Farm 33kv     Statkraft
2012 Devon Ilfracombe 33kv     SSE
2012 Taugnton Cable Diversion     Balfour Beatty / WPD
2012 Weston Super-Mare 11 KV 3.8 KM     Balfour Beatty / WPD
2012 Qinetiq Fibre Optic 7 KM      
2012 Scottish Water   13 KM      
2012 Goole 33kv 12 KM     RWE
2012 Greater Gabbard       GPC
2012 Qinetiq Pendine        
2012 Qinetiq Aberporth 11kv 1.5 KM     SSE
2011 Glyndbourne wind project 11kv     SSE
2011 Pendine 11kv     Qinetic
2011 Altwallis wind farm 33kv     SSE
2011 Swansea University 11kv     SSE
2010 Tweene bridge diversion 11kv 3.5 KM     YEDL
2010 Altwallis wind farm Fibre optic     Statkraft
2010 Doncaster undergrounding o/head cables 11 kv 3.5 KM     YEDL / MURPHY
2010 Bein an Tuiric phase 2 33kv 16 KM     SSE
2010 Eaton College Pumped mains 1 KM     Eaton College
2009 Dinas Dam LV 1KM     Statkraft
2009 Blaengwen wind farm 33kv 5 KM     Swalec
2009 Blaengwen wind farm connection 132kv 1 KM     swalec
2009 Bishopstone AONB 11KV 3 KM     EDF
2009 Polesden Lacey AONB 11KV 1 KM     EDF
2009 Holme wood commonAONB 11KV 2 KM     EDF
2009 Brightling down AONB 11KV 2 KM     EDF
2009 Brightling down (2) AONB 11KV 2.5 KM     EDF
2009 Coombe Farm AONB 11KV 2.5 KM     EDF
2009 Greensand way AONB 11KV 2 KM     EDF
2009 Abinger hammer AONB 11kv 2 KM     EDF
2009 Jevington Hill AONB 11KV 3KM     EDF
2009 Warnham Park AONB 11KV 1.8 KM     EDF
2008 Losely park AONB 11KV 3.5 KM     EDF
2008 Cobham 11kv 2.5 KM     EDF
2008 Birling gap AONB 11KV 4.8 KM     EDF
2008 Bicker fen wind farm 33kv 6 KM     Carter civil engineering
2008 Ranson moor wid farm phase 1 33kv 3 KM     Econnect construction
2007 Craig farm wind farm 33kv 3 KM     Econnect construction
2007 Snowdonia National park 11kv 5 KM     Scottish power
2007 Ranson moor phase 2 33kv 3 KM     RG Carter
2007 Kilbraur wind farm 33KV 11 KM     RJ MCLEOD
2006 Kilgarven wind farm 122kv 9 KM     SEC
2006 Scout moor wind farm 33kv 22 KM     McNicholas
2006 Tangy 33kv 4 KM     SEC
2003 St Melons Cardiff 132KV ducks 3.5 KM     Balfour Beatty
2000 Beinn an Tuirc 33kv 16 KM     SEC


Jason Thomas
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(Managing Director)

Ben James
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